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Simply the Best

Whilst watching Gok Wan’s latest TV offering ‘Miss Naked Beauty’ a few weeks ago I found myself stunned by the contestants gorgeous skin. When I found out that they had B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Cream Foundation in their minimal make-up arsenal I knew I had to try it out.

Well, now I have and there’s one word which sums it up… ‘wow’.

The foundation is quite thick and very creamy when it comes out the pretty bottle (which looks great on my dressing table by the way) but when applied to the skin it feels very light and gentle.

This is probably the best foundation I have tried – and trust me I’ve been through a lot in an attempt to find my perfect formula. It offers fantastic coverage without being cakey and that’s what makes the cream foundation so wonderful – all my little flaws are hidden but the glow of my cheeks and my natural colouring still shines through.

When I wear this my complexion looks bright, healthy and clear. I can see this make-up marvel staying with me for a long time to come. I’m so impressed I’m even going to show you how it looks on me – now I’m not wearing any other make-up here, just the cream foundation in ‘Binky’, so be kind!




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Is anyone else obsessed with Cult Beauty?? I can’t stop trawling through their products and adding to my long shopping list. I’m lucky in that I rarely need to actually buy many products due to my job, yet with Cult Beauty I just can’t stop myself.

I recently treated myself to a Kirst McLeod Clarifying Clay Exfoliator and Sophyto Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser – both of which I love and will tell you all about soon!

I’m super jealous of the whole CB team – I’ve been a fan of their blog for a long time and now I’m hooked on the site, a huge congratulations to them on their massive success.


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Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa

One of the best skincare ranges I have ever tried is from Karin Herzog. Their tasty chocolate products not only smell delish, they work wonders on my skin. Consisting of a balmy cleanser, silky moisturiser and oxygen pumping treatment this trio of cocoa beauty treats is a must-try if you feel like you’re not getting enough from your everyday skincare routine.

The cleanser is oil based and melts makeup really easily, it is also very gentle and doesn’t over power the skin. I like to remove it with a muslin cloth so I get a bit of exfoliating in on the action too. The comfort cream works well with cleanser, sinking nicely into the skin and giving a great base for makeup. Of course, it all smells like chocolatey heaven too – a great pick me up in the morning!

The best product by far though is the Choco 2 Treatment Cream. As well as cocoa it contains 2% oxygen, vitamins E, C, and D, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sesame and avocado oils. After a week or two of use my skin was noticeably improved. My blemishes had diminished massively and my skin just feels damn good – comfortable, clear and clean.

The products aren’t cheap – a set of all three 50ml products will set you back £110.00, but you get what you pay for and although the packages are small they are surprisingly long lasting. A definite recommendation from yours truly.

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Cold Comforts

I’ve been flu-ridden for quite a few days now. Last week I woke up to a painful and scratchy throat and I quickly progressed into a feverish mess. A couple of things have been getting me through my symptoms.

Firstly, Throat Coolers are my new bff. Seriously. When you have a high temperature and your throat feels like you have swallowed barbed wire you can’t get better than these babies. The ice sticks are vitamin C and honey supplements which really ease painful throats as well as giving some mild relief when you’re horribly hot and sweaty. The added menthol helps clear out the stuffy senses too – fab! Just pop them in the freezer and away you go.

Secondly, Olbas Oil Lozenges are lovely and soothing. They don’t pack quite as big of a punch as the rest of the Olbas Oil range but they are sharp enough to relieve a slightly stuffy nose. I find they really come in to use when I get that nagging feeling in my chest which threatens an episode of unstoppable coughing. Sucking on one of these seems to repel it!

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Well it has been 4 weeks since my last post so a big apologies to all of you! I have got a new job working at and have had a whirlwind month trying to settle in. But now I’m back and I have LOADS of wonderful reviews for you and, as I missed chocolate week, a tonne of them are on a particularly sweet theme.

Stay tune this week for some awesome products!

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