I love dressing my eyes up with shadows and creams. I’m definitely more of an eye-makeup girl than a lipstick lady.

It makes sense then that I adore the eye palettes in the Sue Devitt Sea Spray Collection.

The two pallettes are available in either Green Isles or Blue Waters and range from an off-white, shimmering sea foam hue to dark depths of the ocean darkness and everything in between. They’re all you need for a full smoky eye in a bold and original colour scheme. My favourite is the brightest green shade – its shimmery without being glittery and has a real zing to it without looking nu-rave.

All the shades can be blended incredibly easily and last for hours without smudging or smearing, a huge plus when you like to pile on the layers of colour like I do.

Th best thing about these eye colours though? They contain a bunch of moisturising ingredients including shea butter, ceramides and hylauronic acid as well as vitamins and minerals which work together to encourage skin to absorb water from the air. So your eyes are being looked after whilst you wear your make-up.

It’s a fantastic idea. We live in a world obsessed with anti-aging, so why not have makeup which looks after our skin too?

Each palette costs £30, available from Harvey Nichols.


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