Spot On

For the past 24 hours I have been chewing, munching, sipping and crunching on snacks.

Snacking is a dangerous eating habit. It’s all too easy to grab a packet of crisps here, a chocolate bar there… before you know it you’ve used up half your daily calorie allowance before lunch time and you didn’t even realise.

Calories Exactly is a range of snacks which proudly and boldly state precisely the number of calories they contain on the front of the packet. You won’t find any obscenely high numbers either.

While Calories Exactly is not diet food, it is portion controlled so you know exactly where you are with your calorie intake without having to be totting up complicated sums in your head over and over again.

What’s more it all tastes great! I absolutely adore the Super Sticky Toffee Choccy (100kcals), which is really chewy and gooey and full of melt in the mouth yumminess. For something savoury I highly recommend the Cheesy Curlies. These light little cheese puffs come in a big and munchable bag  but they’re lovely and light.

Not quite your style? Grab yourself a smoothie instead! Rasberry and lychee is a refreshing yet wholesome start to the day.

Available from Superdrug, Calories Exactly is simple but effective way for anyone to keep an eye on the amount of calories they’re eating. Even if you’re not trying to shed the pounds you’ll fall in love with these scrummy snacks because they are just that – absolutely delicious!


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