The Scent of Fashion

I do love John Galliano. What an interesting fellow he is, a complex blend of distinction and eccentricity… much like his new perfume then.

Floral, sweet and light, the perfume, entitled simply ‘John Galliano’, is reminiscent of fresh linen and home baking. It is nostalgic, yet it isn’t old fashioned. It’s rich without being heavy. It is bold but not overpowering.

It is clear from first whiff that this perfume has many levels to it and a great deal of work has gone in to making it ‘just so’. Notes include lavender, bergamot (which gives it a punchy lift), amber, rose, violet and warming cedar.

The bottle is a wonder to behold. Designed by by Joël Desgrippes it resembles one of Galliano’s couture creations, influenced by 19th century draping and the artist Boldini’s strokes of paint it is a treasure. It almost makes me want to design perfume bottles for a living!

Prices start at £42 from Harrods and I’m certain this is one perfume set to become a big hit. Get it before everyone is wearing it!



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2 responses to “The Scent of Fashion

  1. Annie

    got it last week..already fell in love! there’s nothing better out there right now!

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