Lady in Red

This month, I’m on the hunt for the perfect red lip stick.

I adore vibrant red lips but the look is as high maintenance as you can get. I want a lipstick that has deeply pigmented colour, won’t end up all over my mouth, has staying power and doesn’t dry my lips out. Is that so much to ask?

The first contender, from Afterglow, sets the bar high for the rest of our participants. The Organic Lip Love Lipstick (£18.00) is, as the name suggests, made from organic ingredients. You won’t find carmine, FD&C/Lake dyes and petro-chemicals in these bullets, making the lippy soft and incredibly moisturising. This lipstick will not dry your lips out – ever! When I first slid it on I was pleasantly surprised by the hydrating properties but thought that it would end up sliding all over the place and any colour would disappear in minutes.

Thankfully, I was wrong. I don’t know how Afterglow managed it but the colour lasts for ages and stays put.

My colour of choice is ‘Courage’ a deep, bold and sophisticated red which has a privileged spot in my handbag.


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