New into Harvey Nichols, Swissdent Nano Whitening Toothpaste is, for want of a better word, luxury mouth-care.

At £15 you want something special from a toothpaste, it has to offer more than the bog standard £2.00 tube. So does Swissdent deliver?

Well, it’s certainly different. The packaging is simple and smart, plain white with silver writing it could be mistaken for a high-end skin cream, there’s no shame in giving it pride of place on the bathroom shelf.

Don’t expect the sugary sweet mint taste you might be used to whilst brushing your teeth either. Instead your mouth will be filled with a refreshing but bold sensation, minty but without the Trebor likeness. It left my mouth feeling completely clean throughout.

Using calcium peroxide and enzymes, Swissdent Nano Whitening lifts away plaque without a hitch and without using aggressive ingredients. Fluoride protects the tooth enamel and co-enzyme Q10 and vitamin E look after gums. All together meaning teeth are not only whiter and cleaner, but the whole mouth is healthier too.

That really is something to smile about!


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  1. Wow that’s expensive,

    I will look forward to trying this out!

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