Holiday Hair

Crispy, green-tinged tresses used to be part and parcel of my holiday package along with sunburn and mosquito bites.The chlorine in the pool and salt from the sea combined to create one stringy blue-blonde mess.

Determined not to spend another vacation sat with ketchup on my head to take away the brassiness, I looked into holiday hair protection. Luckily hairdresser Mark Hill’s Holiday Hair range came to my rescue.

These handy miniatures contain just the right amount of product to see you through two weeks in the sun. My particular hair heroes include the Suncare Shampoo, Aftersun Intensive Conditioner and the Stay Straight Shaping Polish. In the humidity of balmy Tobago I quickly realised I was in for a battle, even with my GHDs on-hand. Instead of straightening my hair, after washing and conditioning I applied a little of the gum-textured shaping polish to my damp hair and then mussed it up a bit. It seemed to encourage the natural movement in my hair and created shiny, tousled waves.

I’m now back in England with not a green strand in sight and definitely only ketchup on my fish and chips.

By Laura


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