Stop Right There!

Some opportunities are just too good to pass up and when I was given the chance to try ‘Stop’ I grabbed it with both hands.

Stop is a new skin care device which uses Tripollar radio frequencies to stop ageing in it’s tracks. It’s like a high tech salon treatment in your palm. The small gadget stimulates the growth of new collagen, plumping up the skin and banishing wrinkles.

The process is a little daunting at first, with an instruction leaflet listing everything you need to do to prevent burning, but once you get started it’s a cinch. Simply apply a thin layer of preparation gel all over your face – this stuff is really thick and slimy, with a bit of a granular texture to it, but it protects your skin and lets the machine work its magic.

Next, turn on the hand held gizmo and start moving it over your face in slow circular motions to heat the skin. When the dermis has warmed up an orange light comes up telling you to move on to the next area. After the whole face is heated you simply go back over the face in lifting movements. Wash off the gel and apply the special lotion to finish.

I tried Stop for the first time last night and found the treatment extremely relaxing though it took a little while. I’m such when I’ve done it again I’ll be more efficient and it won’t take as long.

But what about the results?? Well, it is truly staggering. After just one treatment my wrinkles looked completely ironed out. It was pretty hard to stop looking in the mirror and prodding my forehead. 12 hours later and my skin is still unbelievably smooth. I looked like I had botox but without the scary frozen facial expressions. Long term results are expected in 6-8 weeks, so I’ll be regularly updating you on my process.

It doesn’t come cheap though, at £369, but if you are thinking of going for botox this could well be a better option and more cost effective.



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9 responses to “Stop Right There!

  1. Oli

    are you still using this device and what are the results so far?

  2. thebeautyguerrilla

    Hi Oli! Thanks for reminding me about this!

    I was really impressed by Stop and it certainly seems to do what it says it will. With 6 weeks worth of treatment my skin was certainly smoother and less lined. However, I have concerns over the safety of the product which is not meant to be used by those who have or have had skin cancer in the past. It is fair enough and I can see why they need to say this. Still, it sends alarm bells to my little brain and really put me off the product.

    I imagine it would be ok for a 6 week period but I hav visions of people getting a bit addicted and using it everyday for aslong as it works. Shudder!

  3. Ethel

    The STOP Tripollar DOES NOT WORK !!!!!!!!! I have used it for 2 weeks now. I did not have wrinkles before I used it. Now it gave me wrinkles !!!!!!!!! I am FURIOUS with this product !!!!!!! The company who made STOP Tripollar should be sued for FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. The person who wrote this review is a LIAR and probably has some relationship with the company who makes STOP Tripollar !!!!!!!!!!

  4. thebeautyguerrilla

    Dear Ethel,

    Many thanks for visiting Beauty Guerrillas and thank you for your comment. We value all our readers opinions (good or bad!) as we are all about providing honest and impartial product reviews. I assure you that I am not a liar – I founded Beauty Guerrillas as I was tired of reading magazine articles citing products as good when they had never even tried them and simply regurgitated press releases. I do not have a relationship with the company and Beauty Guerrillas does not make money from it’s reviews. Otherwise I would not approve your (somewhat rude) comment.

    I am sorry that you were not happy with STOP; I personally had very good results with it. Although I do thank you for this comment as it will help users make a decision about purchasing this product. I am shocked that it gave you wrinkles, though I do wonder why you would buy an anti-wrinkle product if you didn’t have any to start with? I strongly recommend taking this up with the company if you haven’t already.

    As with all beauty products, what works for one doesn’t mean it will work for another. Sad but true! I do hope that you get your skin back to normal soon – perhaps the device has dried out your skin, hence the new wrinkles. I would happily reccomend some prodcuts for you to help with this. If you are interested then by all means drop me a line at

    Joy x

  5. ella neave

    I have been using the STOP gadget and I can tell you, it DOES work and is fantastic. I cannot see why it would give one wrinkles, my experience is the same as Joy’s, I look way better. I am also using it on my hands..I started with just doing one hand for only a few days and could see a real difference. My husband is very skeptical about these kind of gadgets but when I showed him the difference in my hands (from just 3 days) he said, ‘Well, it shows it obviously works’.
    My skin looks much plumper on my face and I am very, very happy that I made the purchase. I am quite annoyed by Ethel’s frankly ludicrous comment actually.

  6. thebeautyguerrilla

    Thanks for the support Ella, I’m glad you also get good results from the Stop!

  7. Stephen

    Hi there
    I am thinking about purchasing one of these, I am not very wrinkled but would like some tightening (lower face and jaw). I have had Titan before which worked really well but its quite expensive compared to this. Did you get any lift or tightening when you used it?

  8. Stephen

    Is there anyone using this site?

  9. Josie

    Hi there

    I am really pleased with the STOP device. I have been using it on my face now for about 3 weeks and I have definately noticed the tightening and smoothing effects. I have had compliments on my skin (from people who have no idea that I have been using this). Before I started using STOP I didn’t have many lines but my face had started to droop – I can definately notice a difference and I love using it. It is expensive but I was considering botox and fillers before I bought this and that would have been much more expensive in the long run. I’m going to try it on my hands next.

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