Cool as a Cucumber

People with great skin keep telling me they use Boots Essentials Cucumber skin care range, so when I found myself in the beauty-haven a while ago I decided to give something from the range a go.

I’ve been looking for a good eye make-up remover lately. I resent paying the earth for something so basic, yet it can be a struggling finding something not only cheap, but effective enough to remove the copious amounts of Diorshow mascara gripping my lashes.

I decided the Cucumber Eye Make-Up Remover Gel would be a good purchase.

The gel is not only refreshing and incredibly soothing for tired eyes, but it works pretty well too. Admittedly, there was still a bit of panda-stylee smudging the morning after, but much less than usual. For a couple of quid this product will do me just fine. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, it’s cheap and it does what it says on the tin.


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