Bouncy Bouncy

Well I have finally got around to lathering up with Tara Smith’s Big Baby Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner. I have to say, I’m impressed.

The products smell delightfully of lavender, manadarin and chamomile, whilst the protein and aloe vera juice make hair oh so very soft. The baby shampoo works wonders on my fine hair, adding moisture without weighing it down and flattening my hair. The conditioner leaves my battered tresses manageable and strokable, not greasy and dull. Instead I have a bouncing barnet than shimmers in the light and is silky to the touch.

Once you’ve run out, the bottles are fully recyclable. You can even plant the swing tag and, with a bit of TLC, you’ll find yourself with some beautiful wold flowers.

At under a fiver for each 250ml bottle, I’ll be stocking up when the product hits Tesco this October.


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  1. Debbie

    I bought a 100ml bottle of the Big Baby “Gentle” shampoo last night at tesco. I used it for the first and last! time this morning.
    I’ve never experienced anything like it before! Having put an average sized amount in my hand, thought how nice is smelled, I applied it to my mid/long length hair, in a second I had just one big mass of totally unmanageable tangles. My hair felt rough and there would have been absolutely NO WAY I could have got my fingers through it, let alone a brush! It took THREE LOTS OF CONDITIONER just to be able to rinse it out!! Absoloute rubbish and a total waste of alot of my hard earned money! DONT GO THERE!!

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