Starry Eyed, Shiny Haired

This week I was positively entranced by all the stars whoappeared at London’s Hempel Hotel for the launch of Tara Smith’s new haircare range. Rosario Dawson (I loved her in Sin City) is a true beauty, inside and out, as I noticed her picking up some rubbish and 2 empty wine glasses from the sun-flooded garden, Natalie Umbruglia was about a foot shorter than I ever thought she was and Yasmin Le Bon really does look like she’s in her twenties. Obviously being a first class celebrity hairstylist means you pick up some A-list mates.

As for the haircare range, well it looks pretty promising. An emotional and nervous Tara told the crowd she treats hair like a plant, it needs to be nourished and cared for from the root up. This philosophy ties through into the products, which are not only good hair food, they contain natural and organic ingredients. Oh and they are all very affordable, with nothing costing more than £4.99.

The collection has a range of moisturising, sensitive, straight and curly products. I’ve got  my mitts on Big Baby Gentle Shampoo and Condiotner for a review, so expect my thoughts on those soon. Already a hit with myself and bloggers nationwide is ‘Base Coat Serum’. It doesn’t weigh down my fine hair or make it greasy, it just makes hair look uber shiny and happy.

Look out for the range in Tesco’s in October.


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