Sophisticated Stretchmark Buster

By Naomi: Yum. This really has to be one of my favourite pregnancy discoveries ever.

It’s best applied when damp and so great for when you get out of the shower in the morning. It’s a little moment of luxury – it has all the benefits of other stretch-mark busters I’ve tried but it’s easily the most sophisticated. The scent is a gorgeous refreshing blend of citrus and peppermint (but not too minty). The oil absorbs well and doesn’t leave any greasy residue. The bottle has a surprisingly wide mouth and so I pour straight onto my belly rather than in my hands first and I always do it in the bathroom as there is definite potential for spillage.

Sometimes massaging product across my expanding body mass is a bit of a yawn but I love rubbing this oil in because it smells delightful and the whole experience is rather lovely. The oil is packed with 100% natural plant extracts and aromatic essential oils of geranium and rosemary and is recommended to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy or just to firm up skin tone.

I’ve noticed it has lightened a few of my old stretchmarks already so I’m hoping it will prevent any future battle scars. It’s working so far anyhow! It’s also great for itchy just-shaved legs as it’s incredibly soothing. Love it. It’s fairly expensive at £30 but a little goes a long way and getting rid of stretch marks once you’ve got them would cost a lot more!

Verdict: smells divine works a treat but be careful when dispensing!


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  1. Clarins also has another stretch mark product called Stretch Mark Control that also works fairly well.

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