In a Flutter

A mild obsession with my stubby eyelashes means that I often find myself swooning over the false variety.

I’ve tried masses of different brands and styles of false eyelashes, trying to find my perfect pair. I want high impact lashes that are dark and thick, as well as staggeringly long, yet without a comedic appearance. It needs to be something I actually feel I can wear without looking too extreme. I don’t have the confidence for these bright pink, feathery types.

Finally, I have found them. Girls with Attitude, Eye Impact false lashes in ‘Madam Butterfly’ fill me with awe. Not only do they make eyes look stunningly beautiful, they feel light and comfortable.

They are relatively easy to apply (as far as falsies go), but my only gripe is with the glue. It just didn’t seem quite sticky enough for me, and I found the outside edges started to flip up after a couple of hours. That doesn’t bother me too much though, I can always buy a different type of glue. It is the shape, curl, colour and length that I adore.



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  1. So glad you have reviewed these – I’ve been dying to try them but thought I might be too clumsy for them ! I’ll defintely give them a go. BBB X

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