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Cool as a Cucumber

People with great skin keep telling me they use Boots Essentials Cucumber skin care range, so when I found myself in the beauty-haven a while ago I decided to give something from the range a go.

I’ve been looking for a good eye make-up remover lately. I resent paying the earth for something so basic, yet it can be a struggling finding something not only cheap, but effective enough to remove the copious amounts of Diorshow mascara gripping my lashes.

I decided the Cucumber Eye Make-Up Remover Gel would be a good purchase.

The gel is not only refreshing and incredibly soothing for tired eyes, but it works pretty well too. Admittedly, there was still a bit of panda-stylee smudging the morning after, but much less than usual. For a couple of quid this product will do me just fine. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, it’s cheap and it does what it says on the tin.


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News Flash!



MAC Cosmetics have another cracking collection coming up in October, by renowned designed Manish Arora. Arora is known for his use of vivid colour and I love the look of this bright and beautiful eye compact. I can’t wait to get my greedy little fingers on the collection.

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Bouncy Bouncy

Well I have finally got around to lathering up with Tara Smith’s Big Baby Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner. I have to say, I’m impressed.

The products smell delightfully of lavender, manadarin and chamomile, whilst the protein and aloe vera juice make hair oh so very soft. The baby shampoo works wonders on my fine hair, adding moisture without weighing it down and flattening my hair. The conditioner leaves my battered tresses manageable and strokable, not greasy and dull. Instead I have a bouncing barnet than shimmers in the light and is silky to the touch.

Once you’ve run out, the bottles are fully recyclable. You can even plant the swing tag and, with a bit of TLC, you’ll find yourself with some beautiful wold flowers.

At under a fiver for each 250ml bottle, I’ll be stocking up when the product hits Tesco this October.

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Gently Does It

I am madly in love with Origins products, so when the brand’s supremo exfoliater ‘Modern Friction for the Body: Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion’ won a Cosmo Beauty Award, I knew it was time to give it a try.

The dermabrasive cream buffs away dead surface skin cells leaving skin fresh, smooth and glowing. Simply apply the thick and grainy paste to skin which is prone to ageing and needs a touch of care; shoulders, chest, shins and thighs are a good start. Wait a minute and massage the gommage in.

You’ll start to see your skin turn brighter before your eyes and the paste will pick up the dead skin. sloughing cells away. To finish, jump in the shower and the watch the Modern Friction lather. The addition of water turns the touch cream into a silky smooth foam, which feels wonderfully moisturising.

As for the results, I’ve tried this desirable product just twice in the past week and my skin is ready to bare all. Not only does it feel soft and sensuous but it looks like velvet and simply glows. Needless to say, it has pride of place on my bathroom shelf and will do for a long time to come.

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Starry Eyed, Shiny Haired

This week I was positively entranced by all the stars whoappeared at London’s Hempel Hotel for the launch of Tara Smith’s new haircare range. Rosario Dawson (I loved her in Sin City) is a true beauty, inside and out, as I noticed her picking up some rubbish and 2 empty wine glasses from the sun-flooded garden, Natalie Umbruglia was about a foot shorter than I ever thought she was and Yasmin Le Bon really does look like she’s in her twenties. Obviously being a first class celebrity hairstylist means you pick up some A-list mates.

As for the haircare range, well it looks pretty promising. An emotional and nervous Tara told the crowd she treats hair like a plant, it needs to be nourished and cared for from the root up. This philosophy ties through into the products, which are not only good hair food, they contain natural and organic ingredients. Oh and they are all very affordable, with nothing costing more than £4.99.

The collection has a range of moisturising, sensitive, straight and curly products. I’ve got  my mitts on Big Baby Gentle Shampoo and Condiotner for a review, so expect my thoughts on those soon. Already a hit with myself and bloggers nationwide is ‘Base Coat Serum’. It doesn’t weigh down my fine hair or make it greasy, it just makes hair look uber shiny and happy.

Look out for the range in Tesco’s in October.

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Spa and Away

There’s nothing better than disappearing to some far and exotic land for a week on a sun-washed island with nothing to do but drink cocktails and indulge in spa treatments. Or so I would imagine, as it is not something that I have yet had the pleasure to partake in. Rest assured it’s on the top of my wish-list.

Until I reach paradise, I’ll continue to create my own tropical haven at home and there are 2 products I have found which are just the ticket (apart from a one way to the Maldives… obviously). To find out more

Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt and Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow have turned into my ultimate de-stressing products. The scent of the lime and ginger scrub is sharp with a bite of citrus, whilst the Frangipani Oil and mouthwateringly sweet. The two make an unexpected but delightful aroma when used in the same sitting.

The fragrance of products is really important to me when it comes to unwinding, but so does texture. Whilst the scrub is course enough to do its job, shedding dead skin cells, it is a cinch to work into the body and washes away without any trouble.

The oil need warming in hot water when the weather is cold so turn it from it’s solidified state into the sugary  liquid gloop I know and love. Yet It doesn’t make skin slimy, just moisturised and shimmering with luminosity.

The scrub is an indulgent treat at £35, but the Monoi Oil is a real multi-tasker. Use it as a hair treatment, body moisturiser, cuticle oil, massage balm or foot and hand treatment. It’s your call.

Now where’s that Margarita?

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The Style Scout

Many thanks to The Style Scout for thinking my Cosmo Award outfit was worthy of a spot on their London-chic savvy pages. Check out The Style Scout here for some creative beauty and fashion inspiration from around London.

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