Ray of Light

For the past month I have been testing Medibeam, a hand held gizmo which emits a red light frequency to kill bacteria and stimulate the natural repair mechanism of the skin, lessening acne in the process. The clinical tests for this gadget have had impressive results, with 20% of users reporting a complete recovery from acne after 6 weeks, and 50% reporting an almost complete recovery.

So did it work for me? Well yes and no. For me there is no doubt about whether or not this DIY phototherapy reduces acne, it certainly does. My only problem with the Medibeam is that each area takes 6 minutes of treatment twice a day. It might not sound like a lot, but that’s is only per area and I had three areas which needed to be treated. That’s over half an hour a day of holding the device to my face. It gets a little boring.

On a more positive note, the Medibeam can be used alongside other acne treatments without affecting their performance and, of course, it does what it claims to which is a big thumbs up from me.

The Medibeam would be well suited to those with severe acne, who really need help in clearing up their troubled complexion. Half an hour every day is nothing when you are at your wits end about how to get rid of acne, which can be a confidence deflating and embarrassing condition.

For mild acne though, I believe it is probably a little too much effort, especially if you run a busy lifestyle and find it hard to catch 5 minutes for yourself. If you do have that time though, then go for it, in a couple of months you’ll be glad you did.


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