Feel the Power

Written by Laura: Frustratingly, while my skin errs on the side of dryness, it tiptoes over into spotty territory several times a month as well. The sorts of products I like, therefore, are those that declog my skin without drying it out. The DHC Power AHA mask seems to strike the right balance. Applied evenly over the face using the spatula provided and left on for two hours (not a product for those in a rush) the natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids strip off dead skin cells to reveal the newer layers beneath.

Initially I was a little timid and washed the cream off after just over an hour, fearing a 10 Years Younger-style facial peel complete with snake-like skin shedding and general trauma. I needn’t have worried – the mask left my skin looking squeaky clean and without a hint of redness or any feeling of tightness. Ten days later (as recommended on the directions) I tried the mask again and left it on for the full two hours. I was rewarded with baby-soft skin and a decidedly refreshed complexion.


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