Suck it Up

There’s really nothing better than a good clay mask to suck up filth and grime from deep inside pores. Darphin Purifying Aromatic Clay Mask does just that. The thick and gloopy grey gunk draws our all the impurities sitting below the surface of the skin. Used weekly this miracle mask makes skin incredibly clear and decongested patches and oily T-zones are normalised.

This is another of my Blemish Busting Month star products. I’ll be using it every week, without fail, for a long time to come. I often find that immediately after using clay based masks my skin can look a bit dull, but this mask immediately brightens my whole face. It is like 8 hours sleep in a tube. You only need a thin layer of the gloop, and it dries in 10 to 15 minutes, meaning not only can you always find time to squeeze it into your beauty routine but a tube lasts a surprisingly long time.

For my combination, slightly drab complexion this is an absolute saviour. Never have I experienced a mask which decongests so intensively and restores that healthy, post exercise glow to my skin.


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