Give Yourself a Boost

By Laura: Not the most glamorous or desirable product in your beauty arsenal but a crucial one none-the-less, spot cream is something most of us need to reach for now and again. Performance is all when it comes to blemish busting and if a product doesn’t deliver, it’s off my face and out of my make-up bag. For Blemish Busting Month I’ve been trialing Dermalogica’s Special Clearing Booster.As with all Dermalogica products, no-frills practicality is what’s on offer: the opaque cream has a mildly medicinal smell and slightly grainy texture. Applied on angry spots, the five per cent Benzoyl Peroxide concentrate immediately begins to dry blemishes out. Precision is important so make sure you only dab this potent stuff onto the actual spot – not the surrounding area – or prepare for a dry patch.

Although I’d say that Special Clearing Booster is effective in terms of spot-size reduction, I was hoping for a more immediate lessoning of overall redness, which unfortunately this didn’t deliver.


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  1. NOE

    My name is NOE .
    I have aiso Spot problem.

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