Bloomin’ beautiful

Written by Naomi: French and perfume go together like, well, coffee and Italians I guess. So the news that Anne Flipo – the ‘nose’ behind YSL and Lalique scents had turned her olfactory wisdom to a new collection registered on my radar.

Not one to fall over backwards for flowery pongs – especially with my pregnancy hormones usurping my natural sense of smell – I was secretly dismayed to find that all four of the new perfumes were prefixed with ‘floral’. But when a little vessel of gorgeousness arrived this week in the shape of Floral Solaire I was spritzing away and dreaming of sun drenched beaches.

It’s a pleasantly easy-to-wear scent, and with top notes of star fruit and passion fruit it has none of the cloying sweetness sometimes associated with floral scents. It lasts fairly well and stays on the skin without turning to a powdery soapy smell. And the tres chic packaging is elegant and feminine. My verdict: an easy everyday summer scent with a touch of class. Mais oui.


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