Glowing Glowing Gone

The buzz word in beauty for 2008 has definitely been ‘mineral’.

Mineral make-up has been popular in the states for a while and now we are starting to catch on. The make-up is supposed to be better for your skin as the formula is natural and contains, err… minerals. All very well and good, but what does it look like?

Recently, I’ve been trying Afterglow Cosmetics which is not only natural but organic too. The foundation is particularly lovely. For one thing, they have more than just a couple of shades which means my pale skin can benefit from the product without looking like I’m wearing a mask. The coverage is surprisingly good for such a fine powder and it lasts me all day.

I’m also madly in love with the eyeshadow, which doesn’t crease into corners. My favourite shade is ‘Tender’ which is a subtle pink; perfect as a base for make-up or to brighten up the eye area when you are going for a natural look.

I have used Bare Minerals in the past, but I’ve always found that it makes me skin look quite shiny. What starts off as a glow when I first applied it, ends up looking like I’ve had my face in the chip pan. Afterglow does not have this unwanted side affect and my skin looks perfectly radiant, without the sheen.


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