Steep Up to the Challenge

Bliss Steep Clean Cleansing Milk is, without a doubt, the best cleanser to have ever touched my face. The creamy blue, bubblegum smelling lotion cleans pores so deeply my skin seems to sparkle with clarity. All that cleaning power and I’ve not once suffered from dry patches or tight skin.

I like to spend a good two minutes massaging the milk into dry skin and watch it collect make-up, pollution, dirt and oil, which I then rinse away and gleefully watch slide down the plug hole. The added salicylic acid melts away blemishes and prevents them popping up. My skin has never felt smoother and my spots occur less, vanishing in a couple of days when they do appear.

If you suffer from clogged pores which lead to pimples then you need this cleanser. Once you’ve reached for the Steep Clean you will never look back.



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2 responses to “Steep Up to the Challenge

  1. I love Bliss! Have you tried the Steep Clean Mask? You’ll be so happy with that product too!

  2. thebeautyguerrilla

    Hi Jamie!

    I have and I’ll be putting up a review at the end of the week – it is incredible! x x

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