Get it Off

Written by Lindsay: I soon as I put Alpha H’s 15% Hydrating Glycolic mask on my skin I was anxious… I felt that tell-tale tingle that usually means my skin isn’t happy, and with words like ‘glycolic acid’ and ‘chemical exfoliation’ running through my head, I had to try hard to resist temptation to wash it all off.Thankfully I persevered, and when I sponged the mask off ten minutes later, my skin wasn’t angry at all – in fact it looked brighter and more refined. The Alpha-H skin range was designed specifically with the needs of adult acne in mind, and uses Glycolic acid, which is actually pretty natural and gentle (as it’s produced from sugar cane) to exfoliate dead skin cells and clogged pores, as well as reducing scaring.

Having stuck to grainy exfoliaters in the past; I was really impressed by the results and am definitely going to give the range a go. At around £40 a product, the line isn’t cheap (and using chemical exfoliaters means you have to slap on the factor 50 to protect your skin) but as few products address the needs of adult spots and blemishes I think its worth a shot, and will keep you posted with how I get on.


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