Don’t want no scrubs?

Written by Laura: A pretty basic facet of a body scrub, in my opinion, is that it scrubs – there isn’t room in my already overstuffed bathroom for a shower gel masquerading as an exfoliant just because it contains bits of loofah.

A few years ago I did some internet research to try and find a product with some real chutzpah: one that would buff my skin and make a difference. I came across two scrubs that contained AHAs – mild acids that melt away dry skin, leaving even the roughest hide looking and feeling smoother. After some consideration, the one I plumped for was L’Oreal Exfotonic.

This pleasant-smelling green gel turned out to be just the thing to smooth away those pesky bumps at the tops of the arms. It’s also perfect as part of your fake-tan preparation. I’ve never looked back!


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