Oh Mama!

Naomi Majid is our resident yummy-mummy to be. Each week she will be sharing her experiences with beauty products which are baby-bump friendly.

Written by Naomi: I confess, it’s recently become quite alarming to behold the ballooning growth of my pregnant belly, (yes, of course, I know it’s all in a good cause but I can’t help viewing the actual expansion with mixed emotions!). Also scaring me is that the little champagne bubble-style movements that have just begun to tickle my insides are rather low down . . . so what lurks beneath the rest of the bulge is anyone’s guess. One thing’s for sure, once the little rascal has emerged I won’t want a permanent reminder of this wonderful s-t-r-e-t-c-h. In a bid to stay smooth I’ve been trying all kinds of oils and rubs but one that really caught my fancy this week was Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil by Mama Mio. If oils could transport you into bliss this one would. First of all there’s the refreshing fragrance – made from a blend of 10 essential oils it has a citrus overtone and a faint fruitiness. Gorgeous. My sense of smell has gone awry and to find something that smells this good and natural is a real bonus. I first felt that I wanted the fragrance to be even stronger but having used it a few times, I find that it lingers as a pleasant background scent making it great for every day use. The next plus point is that it soaks in straight away, unlike some of the other oils I’ve encountered which have introduced me to the pain of dribbles and stains rather prematurely. In fact, it’s hardly ‘oily’ at all, my skin just gobbles it up leaving a hint of sheen. Best of all, since using it I haven’t been scratching myself to bits – some clever secret ingredient makes it a great antidote to the itchy belly syndrome. With all this in its favour, it’s no surprise that’s its won the Pregnancy & Birth Best Pampering Product Award and is a favourite with the ‘slebs. It’s such a pleasure to use I’m thinking I might stay a die-hard fan even after having the baby. Available here, £23 for 120ml.


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