Just Lushly

Written by Lindsay: When my skin breaks out, rising panic means I usually slap a whole lot of product on and hope for the best. Annoyingly though, overloading with masks and potions usually just aggravates my sensitive skin, making acne a whole lot worse and bestowing my skin with a lovely red glow to complement my spotty complexion.

Thankfully, Lush’s Cupcake face-mask (at a very reasonable £6.45) seems to be the exception to the rule, as the gentle Rhassoul mud manages to be both deep cleansing and super soothing, cleaning up skin without drying it out or (even worse) ‘drawing out’ more spots – meaning its perfect to use just before a big night out. The mask’s limited life span (they usually last just one month) is a small trade off for the guarantee that the mask your slathering on your face is fresh and nasty free, and the delicious coco butter scent is an added bonus for a chocoholic like me!



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2 responses to “Just Lushly

  1. Hi there – is it just me or does this look like a pot of poop? I am mistrustful of things that colour going on my face!!!!!

  2. thebeautyguerrilla

    It does look a little suspect… x

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