Face the Facts

Written By Lindsay: As I usually try not to stuff my body with too many artificial things and toxins (overlooking my out of control diet coke habit, of course) it makes sense that I should extend the same type of courtesy to my skin.

So I was very excited to try the new ‘Face Boutique’ skin care range, which is not only free from harmful chemicals, perfumes and foaming agents; but is also ethical and eco friendly.

After taking a bit of time to get used to the weird texture (more hair product than face cream) their Fresh Faced moisturizing gel has become my new favourite product for my usually very difficult to please skin. The range is especially formulated to suit the needs of young skin, and sure enough my complexion (which still acts like its 14) feels fresh and my blemishes have definitely reduced.

Moisturising is a tricky balancing act when you have oily, blemish prone skin, yet this copes admirably – being both hydrating and oil regulating. My only gripe is that the fruit extracts included don’t make it ideal for sensitive skin, yet that’s surely a small price to pay for a clear conscience and an (almost!) clear complexion.


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