Hubble Bubble

The first product we’re testing for BBM (Blemish Busting Month) is Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask from Bliss. It’s not cheap at £39, but when acne is attacking your face money doesn’t seem so important in the search for a cure.

I can honestly say I have never tried a face mask like this before. Flooding the skin with much needed oxygen it brightens, cleans and cares for the complexion. Not just for acne sufferers, the mask breathes life into aged, decongested and fatigued skin.

The pink gel-like lotion smells heavenly; quite fruity and sweet like pink lemonade. Massage it into damp skin and watch the formula build a surprisingly huge foaming froth which grows and grows. It only takes five fizzy minutes to work its magic which is wonderful for days when you want to rev up your skin but don’t have much time. Then simply wash the bubbles away and marvel at your sparkling and fresh face.

Whilst I absolutely adore this mask, and I love the fact that it is safe to use up to three times per week, I have doubts as to whether this will have enough clout to completely combat acne. It will keep skin thoroughly clean but without any exfoliating power to prevent clogged pores, that is all it will do. I did find that it revived my complexion and my spots healed much faster than normal after using the product, which is just fine by me. Great for blemishes caused by stress, lifestyle and bad habits, but not so miraculous on acne. I give the Triple Oxygen Energizing Mask full marks for a brightening boost and seven out of ten for blemish busting.

Look out for more reviews of Bliss products soon.


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