Drop the Bombshell

We’re having a bit of an Umberto Giannini moment at Beauty Guerrillas. First it was the Overnight Beauty Balm, now it is the Beautifully Blonde Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner. I first tried this haircare duo yesterday and, my goodness, I was very impressed. Usually with haircare it takes a lot to get a good reaction from me. It is normally the more expensive products that do the trick, but these are just £4.19 each from Boots.

The consistency of the shampoo is quite thick and firm and I only needed a small amount to clean my shoulder-length locks. As for the conditioner, it slips easily through hair and washes off without a hitch, leaving no greasy residue.

When I started blow-drying my hair I couldn’t believe the vibrancy of my colour. I had no idea my blonde could be so light and bright, my usual yellow tinge and brassiness was banished. If you’re blonde and your colour is lacking in va va voom try these products, you won’t be disappointed.

And in case you’re wondering, our Giannini reviews haven’t stopped yet. We’ll be talking about the Instant Beauty Makeover Spray soon.


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