Faux Your Glow

Written by Lindsay: As a facial fake tan virgin (I can’t bear the thought of streaks!) this week I finally grew tired of my increasingly miss-matching face and body and took the plunge with Origins Faux Glow facial tanner. Although I was apprehensive, this light textured tanner was perfect for a beginner as it goes on tinted, develops quickly and soothed my sensitive skin with rosemary and orange extracts. In around 40 minutes my skin had developed into a natural golden glow and a few more days use ensured there wasn’t going to be any scary orange build up to look forward to. I’d say this tanner was best suited for lighter skin tones -as it’s not a particularly deep- and although I wasn’t convinced by the scent (a minty-sweet, mojihto meets gummy bear smell) for ease of application, believable colour and the lack of streaks, I’d give this an A+!


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  1. I’m always testing the market to see how other products stand up to airbrush tanning.

    I’ll be checking this out for sure!

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