Rosy Glow

It is no big secret that I am beauty junkie, it is all part and parcel of being a beauty writer. What is relatively unknown however is my minor infatuation with all rose beauty products.

I don’t know where it started but I suspect my Grandma is to blame. Her bathroom has always been pink, with pink fluffy towels and a million rose beauty products to match. Her bathroom seems to be a sanctuary, and it has smelt of roses for as long as I can remember. Come to think of it, my towels are pink too.

The latest rose product to grace my skin is from Korres and it doesn’t disappoint. Wild Rose Mask is a smooth and fragrant cream. Unlike many other masks it doesn’t set or harden, so it is very easy to slap in on while you get on with other things. You don’t need to spend ten minutes in a motionless trance attempting not to smile so your face won’t crack.

It is slightly cooling and tingly which makes it ideal for balmy summer nights, but what does this mask actually do? Well, rose is more than just pink and pretty., it is a natural source of vitamin C which is fantastic for repairing skin damage. I tend to suffer from skin marks due to my pale and fragile complexion and this mask not only instantly brightens my whole face but it is fading the marks left by blemishes.

Just apply, wait 15 minutes and rinse away. At £16.00 this is really good value for the high quality results you achieve and my new favourite face mask.


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  1. Darth

    I too have a love of all things Rose. From my rose scented Caron Translucide Face powder to my Jo Malone Red Roses perfume. It’s all good. This mask is super. When ever my skin is looking dull I reach for this wonderful Korres mask. Thank you for your review. I couldn’t agree more and I highly recommend this to anyone one who wants a nice pick-me-up and a lovely scent (not too overpowering) too.

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