Tears of Joy

I’m the kind of girl who, when she cries, really lets rip. I’m a bit of a blubberer on occasion. It’s never as bad as it looks, I just have a problem that, when I cry, I go very very VERY red. Big pink blotches all around my eyes and mouth and across my cheeks. Even just a minute of tears and I’m left with half an hour of clown face. Every time it happens I wish I had something to take the colour out.

Finally, I have found the antidote. MD Formulations Critical Care Calming Gel is actually for sufferers of rosacea, so when it arrived on my doormat I had a little play with it but soon forgot about the product. Then I had PMS and found myself sobbing for no apparent reason other than I felt like it. Left with my ruby red skin I desperately slapped a bit of the gel on and crossed my fingers. Well, this really did the trick. In a couple of minutes my face was back to normality. Although, I expect that clearing up the redness of rosacea is a little tougher to clear…


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