Better Safe Than Sorry

The sun might have gone into hiding for a while after the scorching rays of last weekend, but rest assured when it was bright and sunny outside I was protecting myself. I really do not want skin cancer and even if I knew I was never going to get it, I don’t much fancy saggy wrinkly skin when I reach my 30th birthday either.

On super hot days I take my SPF up high. The new Boots Soltan Once with SPF 40 is exactly what I need when I pop out to the park for some relaxing and reading in the sunshine. Soltan has a fantastic 5 stars of UVA protection and the best thing is, you only need to apply it once for a whole six hours of safe sunbathing.

As well as in a tube, the 200ml lotion comes in a spray form which I normally hate… hands get slippery and every time you try and push the spray nozzle the bottle slips away. Thankfully, Soltan realised this and added handy grips to the bottle to stop it getting away from you.

All in all, a big thumbs up for Soltan. Now I just need to wait for the sun to reappear.


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