Expert Advice

After the surprisingly good results from Boots Expert anti-blemish toner, I decided to give another product from the range a go. This time I chose Expert Build Up Removal Shampoo.

I go through stages of using a lot of product and I find that my hair gets pretty nasty when I do. It goes dull and gunky, and t feels grimy no matter how much I wash it. A clarifying shampoo which strips all that junk away from my follicles is what’s needed but I know I won’t use it enough to justify a big spend.

Really, a clarifying shampoo doesn’t need to be expensive or luxurious, the results are going to be pretty much the same no matter which brand you opt for. So I picked up the Boots Expert option at a teensy £1.99.

Afterwards, my hair was revived; blonder, brighter and lighter. This is a must-have for anyone who uses styling products or goes swimming.


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