Whether you are tanning from a bottle or the sun (naughty!), the key to a smooth and even colour is all in the preparation.

If you don’t thoroughly exfoliate prior to slathering on fake tan you will no doubt end up with ugly patches of darker colour. It doesn’t matter how good the brand is, if the foundations aren’t right then the final results will be all wrong.

Boots Mediterranean Olive, Bergamot and Walnut Body Scrub is a huge tub of exfoliater for just £7.50. The smell is light and fresh, not sickly sweet nor too heavy for summer days, and the texture is divine. The grains are small enough to spread over the skin easily for some gentle skin-buffing and there is enough lotion in the mix to soften the skin up too.

If you haven’t exfoliated for a while, build up to putting on your faux-tan by exfoliating every two or three days for at least a week. It may feel like too much faff at the moment, but you’ll thank me for it when you have an even, sun-kissed, California glow.


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