Big Buzz Beauty

I never break a promise. I told you I’d get it and, by golly, I got it. What am I talking about?? Only THE biggest anti-wrinkle cream on the market at the moment. The balm that sold out in stores, the butter that caused a flutter… oh yeah, and it only costs £2.49.

Alright, so perhaps it was made for babys’ bums, but Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter has created a real stir on the beauty scene. Picture if you will a busy yummy mummy, she pops into Waitrose to do the weekly shop but DAMN, she forgot to pick up her usual moisturiser. As she unpacks the shopping her hand lands on the baby butter, ‘hmmmm, I wonder…’.

Unscrewing the jar she takes a sniff, ‘yummy, smells like vanilla ice cream’. And off she goes slathering it onto her skin.

The bottom butter does smell divine – just like white chocolate mangum ice lollies by my reckoning. The texture is very thick, a little greasy for oily skins but not dissimilar to much pricier, rich moisturisers.

My combination skin won’t take well to the large amount of oil in the concoction – it pretty only made from oilve oil, camomile oil and a ton of vanilla (which gives it such an edible scent). So I’m not going to pop this on my face.

A smearing on my parched arms, however, has has really softened things up, and you get more than your fair share in a tub. For mums on the run I can see why this product is a god send, but I personally will be keeping it from the neck down as a wonderful and inexpensive body butter.



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2 responses to “Big Buzz Beauty

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this product. I found it really useful. (Incidentally I stumbled it so you may get some traffic from that)

  2. We’ve been using butt paste which is an American product for nappy rash, it’s incredible for making my skin evenly coloured.

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