Mane Attraction

When you’re out in the sun, chillin’ out and soakin’ up the rays, you hopefully have the sense to soak your skin in sun-lotion. Big pat on the back for you if you do, smack on the tushy if you don’t.

Have you given much thought to your hair though? Sunshine might give us a lovely glow on the inside but it’s no so good on the outside. Hair can get scorched and fried in the heat, so the best thing to do is pop a hat on your bonce. Of course, that isn’t always ideal. Hats don’t go with every outfit and, heck, they don’t even suit me.

Matrix Biolage Sunsorials Protective Hair Oil (works to protect the hair from the sun’s damaging rays. It is perfect for summer beach holidays as it also protects against damage from sea-water and swimming pools. Bonus!

It can make fine locks a teensy bit greasy by the end of the day, but it’s worth it to look after your barnet. The fruity scent is yummy at at just over a tenner, it isn’t too much of a strain on the wallet.


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