You Like Us… You Really Like Us!

Well it has been exactly one week and 45 minutes since the first Beauty Guerrillas post and we are thrilled by the reception we’ve had. Over 500 (538 to be precise) of you beauty-lovers have logged on to read us dishing the dirt about beauty products. OK so we’re not exactly a household brand, but it’s a great start.

We want to say a massive thank you for checking us out, welcome to our world!

If you like what we’ve done so far then you’ll love what he have in store for you. Our assistant editor will be joining Beauty Guerrillas very soon and we’ll be dishing the dirt on the latest treatments and spa getaways as well as a huge range of products.

Keep tuning in and let us know your thoughts on the site. If you have any beauty questions or problems you need solved then don’t be shy, leave us an e-mail at!



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3 responses to “You Like Us… You Really Like Us!

  1. Welcome to the beauty blog community! I added you in our blogroll.


  2. thebeautyguerrilla

    Thank you! We are very pleased to be here!

  3. Congratulations! With the quality of your content and constant dedication, you may be writing a post celebrating your 1 millionth visitor. It took the Beauty Brains 2 years but we’ll be getting our millionth visitor shortly. The key is content. At least one post everyday.

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