Pot of Gold

Being the beauty junkie I am, whenever my birthday or Christmas rolls around I always ask for skincare and make-up from my loved ones. Last Christmas, I handed a list of options to my long suffering partner, sent him packing to the delightful Space NK and told him to pick something for my pressie.

When Christmas day arrived I was surprised (and mega chuffed) to find he had bought me not one but two fab products from my wish-list. I’ll come to the second gift later, but for now I’m going to talk about the first; Darphin Baume Purifant… that’s purifying balm to you and me.

This little tub (and I do mean *little*) of golden yellow balm has become a bit of a bedtime ritual to me on nights when I’m feeling worse for wear. The solid block immediately melts on contact with skin into a light oil which can be spread across skin incredibly easily. The balm is said to restore radiance and reduce the appearance of skin imperfections but I can really only agree with half of this description.

After using this aromatic product I always awake the next morning to dewy, plumped up skin which feels and looks a treat, but I’ve not noticed much difference in my blemishes. With tea tree touted as a key ingredient I’m not sure why this is; perhaps the oily texture is just too much. What I do find is that it brings spots which are sitting under the surface of the skin to a head. This isn’t a bad thing; better out than in I say! At least once a pimple has reached the surface of the skin it can heal up and should disappear in a day or two.

My top tip for this product is to take a moment to have a long, deep whiff of the balm before you slather it on. It’s loaded with essential oils and the fragrance is unbelievably calming.

If you fancy something a bit different for your nightly routine, pop down to Space NK and don’t be put off by having to pay £38.00 for such a teeny pot; I’ve hardly dented mine after 5 months. Even better, get someone else to buy it for you like I did!


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