Safe Sun

I’m a bit excited at the moment. On Saturday London was blessed with wonderful weather, so much so that I even took time out from shopping on Oxford Street to sit in Hyde Park and bask in the sunshine.

It’s easy to forget that such lovely, warming light is dangerous to our skin so I’ve taken to carrying around a facial sun lotion in my bag now that the weather has picked up. I’ve been using Ambre Solaire Hydrating Face Protection Cream SPF 30. Now, I know that you can get a huge deal of make-up which has an SPF added but I like using a sun protection product I can100% trust. Often with make-up you’re getting a much lower SPF and you don’t know if you are getting both UVA and UVB protection.

I could also opt for a standard sun cream but they tend to be oily lotions which I would want anywhere near the pores on my cheeks.

So Ambre Solaire Face Cream it is! Not only does it protect against brown spots and is wonderfully fluid and non-greasy, but sun cream of any kind is the greatest anti-aging lotion you could ever use. The sun’s rays are horribly damaging to skin; even if you don’t get skin cancer or burnt then you are subjecting yourself to some serious premature aging ladies!

Remember, don’t rub it in too much; it works better when left to sink in on its own which this product does easily and in rapid time.


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