My skin tends to veer more towards the dry, rather than the oily, side of life. I’ve never really had to think about keeping my skin matte but recently I’ve spotted a few photo’s of me and I’ve been looking a bit shiny. Forehead reflections aren’t a good look it would seem.

That’s what is so great about being a beauty journo – you get to try all kinds of nifty products that you otherwise might not want to splash your hard earned pennies on, especially when you’re not sure if they’ll really work for you.

A while back I found myself in possession of Instant Matte Shine Control from Molton Brown. Deciding that I really didn’t need any mattifying lotion I dropped it in a drawer and forgot about it. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I came across it again and decided maybe I should give it a go after all.

The beauty goody from Molton Brown is a lightweight moisturiser for combination skin, so if you are very oily then you might want something more hard-core, but for people with a bit of dryness and a bit of oily skin it’s a gem. I’d even recommend it for normal skin types who want to combat shine in hot weather.

What I really love about this product is the fact that it doesnt feel cakey, drying or flakey. It doesn’t dull the skin at all, instead it imparts a lovely fresh and healthy glow without shine. I’m not sure how they’ve managed the glow without shin combo, but I swear it’s there!

The fragrance is also lovely and flowery; it reminds me of Clarins flash beauty balm and is clean and gentle.

All in all, a big thumbs up for this product, which retails at £29.00.


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