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A couple of years ago, when my real obsession with beauty became apparent and I was addicted to, I treated myself to Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Acid Toner. Oh how I loved that toner, but I am a fickle girl and move from product to product too easily. Even when I’ve found something that really works.

I rememered about this toner a couple of months ago and headed to the HQ Hair boutique off Regent Street to pick up a bottle. When I got there I was confronted by something else; the Mario Badescu Glycolic Gel. I immediately forgot all about the toner and leapt for this little bottle of blue gel.

Glycolic acid is a great exfoliant and wonderful at sloughing away dead skin cells while cleaning up pores and softening wrinkles. It isn’t for very young skin as it can be quite harsh. This is something I learnt the hard way.

The gel is supposed to be used every night, but my fragile skin couldn’t take this and within a few days my face was verging on crocodile scales. I took time off from the treatment to restore my skin to its former state but I now use it twice a week.

I’ve had no return of the scalies thank goodness, and my skin is looking good but not great. I was hoping that it would help with the marks I have from past blemishes but I think this may take a while. I’m only a third of the way down the bottle, so I’ll keep you updated. It isn’t a bad product by any means, but for £21.00 for just 2oz I expected more.


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