Fuzz Off!

I’ve been letting my leg hair get away from me the last couple of days. I’m just so bored of the whole shaving/waxing/epilating rigmarole. It takes too long, it inevitably hurts (even if I’m shaving – I’m just too careless with that sharp razor) and quite simply I have much nicer body-care routines I could be getting on with; slathering myself in Shiseido moisturiser for example.

So i was pleased when I got my mitts on the new hair removal cream from Veet. Now, I’m generally not a great fan of hair removal creams. I had a bad experience when my skin was horribly irritated by one a few years back but, knowing me, I no doubt left the gunk on too long. I was a bit dubious about going through the process all over again but as a ready-for-anything Beauty Guerrilla I marched to the bathroom this morning; Veet in hand.

The In Shower Cream from Veet comes in a 300ml squeezy bottle and it has a handy little storage department in the lid for the sponge applicator/remover. All you do is use the soft, coloured side of the sponge to spread the white gunge across your legs, wait a minute and then pop in the shower. You need to avoid getting your legs directly under the stream of water or it tends to wash off too much, but that’s OK… I decided to use the time to rub a foot scrub into my heels.

After two minutes you then use the other side of the sponge, which is much coarser, to rub the cream off in circular motions. This will take the hair off with it and after a rinse you’re ready to go! There’s also an option for dry skin.

I was surprised to find that i really loved this product and by my reckoning it should last longer than my razors. At £9.99 for a big bottle, this will certainly be a regular in my bathroom from now on.


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