Oh Baby!

There’s been a big buzz surrounding this cream lately. Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter is being touted as a miracle anti-ager by yummy mummies everywhere and now that the secret is well and truly out stock is getting incredibly low. I’m going to get my hands on this to review shortly, but for now I thought I’d give you a heads up on another beauty treasure originally meant for babies.

I’ve been using baby-wipes as a precleanse for my face for about a year now, since I read in Vogue that a pack of pampers wipes is a must have for models.

The really great thing about these wipes is not only are they fantastic cleansers, but because they are menat for baby skin they are also extremely gentle. My favourite is from Sainsbury’s Little Ones Range; Fragrance Free Botty Wipes, 99p for 60. OK, the name isn’t exactly enticing but each wipe is loaded with cleanser and removes all my make-up really easily. Great for when you need to get make-up off in a hurry and even better as a precursor to cleansing.

They’re also great to slip in your handbag on hot and sticky days or on holiday when you might need to freshen up!


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