Expert in the Field

Oh how I love the wonderful Boots. I have spent many an hour wandering around the crisp white shelves and running my fingers along the treasures they behold. Everything your beauty cabinet could possibly need can be found here, and with the addition of the Beauty Boutique online there’s a wonderful luxe factor to the whole magical shop.

It isn’t just about salon line haircare and luxury skin care lines though. Boots has always been the place to grab a beauty bargain too.

I’ve been humming and harring about treating myself to Origins United State for a while now. It is a great toner for combination skin; exfoliating without drying it up. Unfortunately, money has been a little tight lately and I didn’t feel like I could justify parting with £13.50 for it. Enter, Boots Online.

A little research found Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Toner is not only over £10.00 less than the Origins option, but has the same key ingredient; Willow-bark Extract – a natural source of the super duper exfoliating salicylic acid.

Admittedly, the product doesn’t match up to the same standards of Origins. Firstly, the formula has an orangey colour to it, so you can’t measure how much dirt/make-up you’ve taken off, secondly it isn’t as potent. I’m still hankering for Origins, but until then this will do just fine.


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