Clean Freak

As I mentioned earlier, I’m more than slightly blemish prone (ugh). What makes things worse is I’m a fidget and as soon as I can feel a pimple starting to creep up I can’t stop touching it. This is really, REALLY stupid; all that touching just spreads bacteria and more spots inevitably pop up. One of the best things I keep on my desk is original hand hygiene gel from Cuticura. I use it a couple of times throughout the day and every time I know I’ll be touching my face; so before I apply any moisturiser or cleanser etc.

You’d be surprised by how much keeping your hands squeaky clean can prevent breakouts. Of course, it’s much better if you just don’t feel your face, but if you’re a fidget like me then this could come in handy. At less than £1.50 it is worth a try!


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