Take Action

I was a lucky enough lady to receive Action Sublime Serum from Comfort Zone through the post today and my first impressions of this gel-like lotion are tip-top. It is a brand that I wasn’t aware of until noon today when it landed on my doorstep, and I wasn’t expecting much. Comfort Zone is an Italian make and are, according to my catalogue, the products are “conceived according to an innovative, contemporary spa approach to skincare”.

Sounds good, right? Well it is. The serum contains loads of lovely hyaluronic acid, which sounds super scary but actually binds moisture to the skin and is wonderful for those dry days. Like so many people these days, I spend most of my day in front of a computer which leaves my skin a bit, well… dull and drab. Today, I’ve been smoothing this across my dehydrated and tired out skin and it has given me an instant pick me up. I’ve also found that it allows my makeup to go on really smoothly.

The real treat of this serum is that, unlike a lot of serums which are very heavy or oily, it is light and sinks into skin easily making it fab for younger skin trying to resist the ageing process. Fingers crossed it’ll keep up the good work. I’ll keep you updated.

Comfort Zone Action Sublime Serum retails at a whopping £85.95 – will it be worth all that moolah?


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