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This is for anyone who has a bit of time to waste… just choose your skin tone and OPI will help you find the perfect nail shade!


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Eye-Wateringly Good

Lately, my eyelashes have been more than a little annoying. Normally short, stubby little things (which also annoyed me) they have suddenly decided to have a bit of a growth spurt. But not just any old growth spurt, oh no. It’s only the eyelashes on the outer corner of my eyes that are getting longer. Oh and they don’t seem to be curling, instead they are stick straight.

I realise that this is hardly life-threatening, but you have to understand that they keep getting stuck to my lower lashes and I can constantly feel them all getting entwined. What I really ought to do is curl them, but I worry that too much clamping with those scary contraptions isn’t a good idea.

I decided that a curling mascara was the way forward and hop, skipped and jumped my way down to Boots for the wonderfully extensive mascara brand, Lancome. Feeling more than a little confused by the french names, I eventually opted for Virtuose. The curved wand appealled to me, I suppose I thought a curl in the brush equals a curl in the lashes.

When I got home I immediately removed my old mascara and swept the Virtuose through my lashes. Well, what can I say. This a great mascara. The colour is deep, my lashes look longer, thicker and natural. As for the curl, it is there but only just. I’m still getting upper and lower lashes in a tangle.

Virtuose does, however, hold a pre-fashioned curl incredibly well. A quick clamp of my Boots-own eyelash curlers and a few coats of this and my eyes look more open and my face more awake.

I might not be able to put the curlers down just yet, but until a wonder mascara lands at me feet I am more than happy.


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Girl with the Golden Touch

A couple of weeks ago, on the truly fabulous TV show ‘How to Look Good Naked’ (we love you Gok!), the army of naked testers did tested under eye concealers and highlighters. Each week they do these trials and pick which product is best. On this under-eye installment, one such highlighter was YSL Touche Eclat (£22.50).

“Touche Eclat will win” I proudly announced with a knowing smile, “I would bet a million quid that it’ll destroy the other options”.

For anyone who has tried Touche Eclat you will, most likely, understand my smugness. The golden tube is a mircale in pen-form. It highlights the bits you want to pronounce, such as brow bones and the cupid’s bow, and masks the bits you’d rather hide, such us dark circles.

To really do the job on dark circles don’t apply the pinkish yellow cream in the hollows themselves. Instead, pat the highlighter just under them, almost onto the cheek. This means that light will bounce off this area and do wonders for dark or bluish sockets!

Of course, I was right (gloat), YSL was top of the charts. So if you’re wondering whether you should treat yourself, the answer is yes. It’s the only beauty product I repeatedly buy without hesitation. Once you’ve got it in your make-up bag you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it.

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Code Alert!

If you liked the sound of the glycolic acid products from Mario Badescu which I mentioned and you fancy trying the range, you might be interested to know that HQHair currently has an offer on. You can get two mini sizes of toner and cleanser when you buy any two Mario Badescu products. Simply pop in the code ‘MARIO’ when you checkout… enjoy!

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Blushing Beauty

Blusher is great, isn’t it? It illuminates a drab complexion and makes it look healthy and rosy, can define bone structure or soften an angular face. Blusher makes me happy.

What makes me unhappy is that my favourite blushers are no longer available; these would be the Pout Flush Blush and MAC’s Beauty Powder Blush.

As you may or may not know, Pout went bust before Christmas. Luckily for me, not without a massive extravaganza of a sale in which I dutifully participated. They still have a few products left at, so grab your credit card and have one last spend (while you still can!).

As for MAC, I was sent the powder in ‘Sweetness’; a vibrant pink which looks surprisingly natural when worn. I was desperate to buy the peach shade ‘Joyous’, not just because it has my name in the title but peach shades suit blondes more than pink. I left it too long though and now it’s gone. The horror of it all!

So now I’m on the look out for a new blusher. I’m interested, what are your favourite brands for making your cheeks rouged?

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Beauty Guerrilla Seal of Approval

MAC Cosmetics has a loyal fan base the world over. This range of cosmetics is my personal favourite and was the first department store make-up brand I ever bought into. Why is MAC so adored? One word… ‘pigment’.

If you want true colours which have a wonderfully buildable vibrancy and look the same on your face as they do in the pot, then you want MAC. Add the fact that the brand is make-up’s answer to fast-fashion, with trend-led collections and a quick turnover of ranges, and you are onto a winner.

My favourite product? It’s tough to choose, but the lipstick in ‘Russian Red’ is a universally flattering, classic red which is guaranteed to make you look and feel a million dollars.

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Becca Mecca

After seeing Jess G’s beautiful Becca make-over on the Cult Beauty Blog I am more than ready to buy a handful of this cosmetics line. Has anyone tried Becca, what are your thoughts?

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