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Well, you’ve probably noticed that over the past few months the amount of posts on Beauty Guerrillas has been fairly non-existent. This is for a variety of reasons, but one being that I am keen to expand my writing in to different areas from fashion and homeware to restaurant reviews and website recommendations. I write about Beauty 6 days a week so sometimes find it hard to get inspired by it on my own personal blog.

I’ve now started a new blog DINKY London, which is more personal and more suited to who I am now and how my writing has developed since I first started BG.

I hope that you’ll follow me over there; I’ll still be writing lots of beauty reviews… there’ll just be a lot more going on too.

So, find me at DinkyLondon.blogspot.com – I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Despite essentially being a lazy girl when it comes to spending a lot of time on beauty (straighten my hair every morning?! My worst nightmare), I do like to spend a bit of time painting my nails.

I think the obsession started back in sixth form all those years ago, when I couldn’t get really get away with a lot of eyeshadow or lipstick. Instead, I used to paint my nails crazy colours.

Right now, I’m going mad for crazy bright nail varnish. Mostly because winter is around the corner and I know I’ll be wearing head to toe black so I need a pop of colour.

My current loves are Barry M turquoise which is really more like some kind of manic neon sky blue and Model’s Own Lemon Sherbert, a fantastically mad flourescent yellow. The yellow shade needed a massive 5 coats before it looked bright and bold though – on first try it just made me look like a heavy smoker with nicotine nails – bleeeuch.

Both brands last ages too which is a huge bonus as there’s not much worse than chipped nail colour. You can grab both colours at asos.com if they tickle your fancy!

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Alley Cat

Have you heard of Brand Alley? It’s an amazing website where you can buy fashion brands at discounted prices. You just become a member and they’ll e-mail you to keep you in the loop of which sales pare on. Each sale only lasts a few days and you have to be quick to snap up a bargain before they sell out.

Best known for fashion, I like it for beauty goodies! I recently bought a bunch of products from Aromatherapy Associates. I treated myself to the Renew Facial Oil which plumps and revives my skin, as well as smelling delicious and the Renew Rose Cleanser which gives my skin a gorgeous perky, pink glow. The products were about half price so I picked up some stuff for my Mum too.

If you’re a bit of a beauty junkie then I really recommend signing up. You’ve got nothing to lose, and you might get a few fashion bargains too!

Usually you need a current member to recommend you, but right now you can sign up for yourself – so get to it!

Brand Alley

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Give it some Lip

OK, I admit it. I hadn’t heard of ArtDeco cosmetics until a few days ago, but this great makeup brand is something of a hit in professional circles and was previously only available to makeup-artists in the UK.

Thanks to the launch of new website catwalkbeautysecrets.com all us regular folk can now get our hands on the products.

I’ve been road-testing some of the lip products and I’m fairly impressed; I’ll certainly continue to use them.

First up we have the Natural Lip Corrector. This is a skin tone shaded lip pencil which you apply to the outside lip line. The pencil corrects any littleĀ  irregularities that you may have and creates a picture perfect shape to the pout in the process. It also works to stop lipsticks bleeding or feathering – bonus!

Next I tried the Hot Chilli Lip Booster, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Using spicy ingredients to essentially irritate the lips into swelling, the lip gloss plumps up your pout and gives it that bee stung look. If you have sensitive lips then I don’t recommend it as it does have a bit of a sting to it but if you can brave that zing then you’ll be pleased with the results. The addition of sparkling glitter gives the lips and even plumper look.

Finally, there’s my favourite product – the Magic Fix. This clear liquid is brushed on to lips after applying lipstick and it seals the colour incredibly well. I could drink and eat without my lippy smudging or shifting. This is something that I will use religiously before nights out, when I am always too lazy to reapply my lipstick. I can almost convince myself that it’s an investment too – think of how much longer your lippy will last without the need to keep slapping it on every five minutes!

All in all I think this is a good little range and catwalkbeautysecrets.com is a fab website with a small but perfectly formed, well though out collection of beauty goodies.

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The Ceremony of Bathing

There’s been a lot of word on the blogosphere about Abahna at the moment. This luxurious bathing range offers bath oils, soaps, shower gels, bath foams and much more in a selection of delectable different fragrances like White Grapefruit and May Chang.

Over the past week I’ve been using the Frangipani and Orange Blossom Soap and I have to say it is a delight to use. I haven’t actually used a standard soap for years – choosing instead to go for liquid versions, but I’ve loved the change.

The soap made a really creamy lather and didn’t strip my skin at all which was something I was worried about. In fact it made my skin so soft and touchable.

The best part? The delicious scent! It lingers on the body for good amount of time without being over-powerful and makes me feel really fresh and clean. Especially on sweltering hot days like today.

It has also made my en-suite bathroom smell divine, which is always a good thing.

Abahna’s slogan sums up this brand better than I ever could – ‘The Ceremony of Bathing’. These luxury toiletries really do make you take a moment and enjoy you bath or shower rather than having a quick scrub up.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the range; the Frangipani and Orange candle and bath oils are top of the list.

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Stuck Up

I’m really not enjoying these Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolors. The liquid lippy is supposed to be the new big thing in long lasting make-up and yes, it does last a long time that’s true.

But for me, it still gives that flat, dull appearance of pretty much all the lip products of the same genre. Plus, it is somehow extremely drying and simultaneously sticky.

Used with an extra layer of lip-gloss or balm it is improved ten fold and I have to admit it stayed in place for about 6 hours today. Generally though, I’m not a fan and I’ll be passing my set on to a more loving owner.


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Lightly Salted

Mmmmhmmm, my legs are so smooth and soft today. How’d I do it? I used a big dollop of The Sanctuary Salt Scrub that’s how. This oily, grainy gunk is miraculous. Not only does it do the usual sloughing of dead skin cells, it does it exceptionally well and it leaves behind some moisturising sweet almond and coconut oils.

Used in the bath last night, my skin is now glowing, luminous and feels so soft. For some added oomph, slather on a bit more moisturiser post bath or shower and awake to some seriously lovely limbs. I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of this brand’s lovely skin care products in general.

Watch out though – this stuff makes the tub slimy and slippery!


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